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The Light in the Woods

Brave Heart

A friend, Beth G., gave me a call a few months ago.  She was very calm and positive as she told me that she not be around much the next few weeks.  She went on to explain she was scheduled to have open heart surgery to repair a problem with her aorta (she had not had any symptoms – they just found it during a regular physical).  It took me a few minutes to realize the full impact of what she said.  She was making plans so that during her time in the hospital and recovery her 7 year old son would be be able to keep doing the things in his regular schedule .

All I could think was…..she is so calm telling me this and so confident all would turn out well.  I got off the phone later and told my husband.  I just kept thinking to myself and telling him, she was so calm and assured of the whole thing.  I know she had time to process the news and make plans before she started telling folks.  Her strength gave me strength. 

Everything went very well during the surgery and recovery.  She was always positive and never complained.  I saw her the other day as our boys were swimming and did not even think about the scar – she had gotten a new swimsuit so the scar would not show as much.  All I kept thinking was that for those that knew her and knew about her surgery could only view it as a beauty mark.

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